A digital time clock solution for employees tracking employee time
and location intuitively from an iOS or Android app and generating
accurate employee timesheets automatically.

about the product

Atto is a digital time clock solution. It offers a user-friendly interface for iOS and Android devices from where employees simply clock in & out with a tap of a button. It tracks employee working hours and generates timesheets instantly – so employees can spend more time doing work they like.

With a battery efficient location tracking technology, Atto gives businesses access to accurate location tracking, eliminating the redundant “where are you?” calls and assuring everyone is safe, focused on their work, and in the right place at the right time. As soon as an employee clocks out, their timesheets are automatically generated and location tracking is turned off.

The data is securely stored in the cloud and made available on the Web app for employers to review in real time.

the brief

With Atto, our main intent was to ease the process of generating timesheets. To do so, we had to create an intuitive experience for employees to seamlessly track their working hours. Additionally, location tracking would offer security and transparency for the employees and the company.

As such, we were to build an iOS and Android app for employees to simply track their working hours with the tap of a button. Further, a Web app was also built from where employers would review clock in/out times & employee location in real time.


Simplicity is the cornerstone of Atto, behind which we had to build a platform that would make it easy for employees to track their working hours. The mobile app would be the go to place where they would clock in and out from work and automatically generate their timesheets for approval. This in turn would save them time to focus on real work.

All of this data would be transmitted on a Web app from where the employee would have real time access to clock in/out hours, current employee location when clocked in and get detailed and highly accurate timesheet reports to run payroll.

intuitive interface

A super-simple interface for employees. Green button clocks you in, Red button clocks you out.

automated workflow

With a simple tap every day, it generates timesheet reports
automatically for all employees

real-time access

Allows managers to be informed on team activity in real time


Our creative team was in charge of naming the, in order to illustrate the time tracking service. So, we focused on finding the most unique concept in time, and came up with the information that 12 attoseconds is the world record for shortest controllable time; therefore we named it Atto. Weeks of research and brainstorming led the design team to finalizing the Brand Identity - which represents a minimalist form of a stopwatch. It took months of research and analysis before finalizing the Product Concept; and then starting with Wireframing, UX&UI, and moving on with the development from scratch.

FrontEnd: AngularJS, TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5
BackEnd: PHP with Laravel framework Mobile App: .Swift for iOS 8+ & Java for Android
Branding: Adobe Illustrator
UX & UI: Wireframing with Adobe Photoshop,


A one-stop-shop solution provided to client, which led to the launch of a super high quality platform, ready for the market. Everything was concepted, designed, and developed from our inhouse team from scratch.

Just days after the product launch, the product showed to be a success, receiving many signups from 20+ countries worldwide. We believe time is a universal language, therefore Atto is already a global success.