Doday is on a mission to redefine the workplace, by creating a
new work environment for the digital workforce.

about the product

Doday is communication & collaboration platform dedicated to digital teams that Do Work every Day.

It tracks time for tasks and projects and produces instant reports and timesheets for you and your team. Doday helps you tackle daily recommended tasks and have constant control over the flow of your projects. Through real time task management and time tracking, you as a team leader have inside access on your team’s work. Task based comments make communication and idea flow painless.

Either at work or on the go, with its online web-based application and iOS & Android apps, Doday makes tracking time intuitive and easy to follow at anytime and anyplace.

the brief

We were asked to create an immersive experience for managing tasks and projects through the concept of time. A unique & intuitive UI & UX was to be designed to make the platform easy to use and comprehend. This would challenge the traditional way of tracking working hours as real-time time tracking and communication was added.

We were tasked with creating the brand, UI & UX of the platform and develop the web, iOS & Android apps.


Right from the start, our approach was to build a platform that everyone wants to use and can get easily acquainted with. User experience combined with an easy integration of future additions was the most important aspect of developing the platform.

modular architecture

Intuitive architecture for
long term development


Consistency among all
devices and platforms


A simple, easy-to-use
platform for everyone


use platform. Since user experience is the main aspect of the platform, thorough research has been done on what users want, which was later prototyped and has gone through many designing and redesigning phases. This has given room for the development of an architecture that supports fast browsing, optimization, and through a modular approach leaves room for easy to integrate additions.

FrontEnd: AngularJS, TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5BackEnd: PHP with Laravel frameworkiOS: SwiftAndroid: Java


An online web platform + native iOS & Android apps were designed and developed after months of creative & fun work, which ended up being a great experience having in mind the complexity of the project.

The challenges go on as the platform is under constant development as we’re adding a bunch of exciting new features with a focus on AI and machine learning.