The biggest Tech Conference in South East Europe,
organized by STIKK, Universum, and ICK.

about the project

KosICT started 5 years ago as a regional conference with the aim of bringing the global IT trending topics to the South East Europe.

With over 50 speakers during the last 4 years and more than 1,000 participants the expansion was inevitable. That's why the 5th edition will be a reinvention of KosICT by going Global, expanding the topics lineup, introducing the SEE Outsourcing & Startups Fair, an eSports Championship and KosICT Nights, so this year KosICT is bringing you a Tech Festival.


Design and Develop a fully digital experience for a Conference featuring speakers from Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Entrepreneurs Magazine, and celebrating its 5th Anniversary. The idea behind it was to build a long lasting platform, divided into two main parts:

1. Tech Conference Portal
2. E-Sports Section


After an intensive research on the industry trends, our team came across a few ideas on the look and feel of the Platforms. After presenting to client, the design and development approach were alligned around three pillars described below.

simple interface

A unique approach to simplicity in design and development.

easy navigation

Seamless navigation
accross all pages.

information oriented

Special focus on delivering
only the most important


A design-first project, required a few meetings focusing a lot of attention to detail. By combining clear instructions from the client, and constant input from our team, the work process was smooth from wireframes to end product.

Special attention was given to the Front-End development through integration of HTML5 & CSS3 and other scripts, which gave way to the browsing experience.

FrontEnd: JavaScript, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5BackEnd: WordPress


A trendy fully responsive website was developed, transmitting the story on the crossroads between innovation & entrepreneurship. The 2016 Edition of the website has upgraded KosICT’s visual experience to an entire new level.