The simplest time & location tracking app for teams

Timesheets on autopilot

Atto is the simplest time and location tracking app for teams, automatically generating timesheets
ready for payroll.

made easy

With a tap of a button, employees clock in and clock out on their smartphones and keep track of their working hours. While on the clock, managers have access to employee-location in real-time, enabling smarter decision-making. It empowers managers, and helps employees become more productive by providing insightful information on their daily activity.

We provided a one-stop-shop solution to the client, which led to the launch of a super high quality platform, ready for the market. The intuitive experience we created for employees to seamlessly track their working hours was concepted, designed, and developed from our inhouse team from scratch.

The app currently serves thousands of happy clients across industries all over the world.

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